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Top Christian Books

The C's of Writing the Top Christian Books

If you’re looking for the best Christian book publishers so that your writing can be one of the top Christian books, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Every author should follow “the C’s” of getting published to ensure that you’re choosing the right Christian book publishers that will help you reach your goals.


The top Christian books are written in a clear and simple manner. That doesn’t mean that your writing has to be boring, but you should put all of your chapters in the right order, so the message is flowing smoothly. Write directly to the reader, and with as much clarity as possible at all times. This is the way to be chosen by the best Christian book publishers since they’ll know exactly where you stand right away.

Consistency is Key

Another C to remember is consistency in your writing. Stay the course and do your best to stay on message, even while writing a fiction story or novel. Each chapter should remain focused on the main message of your book. Don’t try to add new ideas or concepts in the middle of your book, as this can cause confusion and frustration with your readers.

A Caring Attitude

The top Christian books have an attitude of caring for their audience. It’s crucial to let your readers know you’re there to help them improve their lives and to have books that will make them feel like part of a group. Never talk down to your readers, but always write in a tone that’s inspiring and uplifting. That doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about difficult issues, but make sure you do so in a gentle and caring way.

Continuing the Story

When you write, try to keep your story moving forward. Try not to get sidetracked or fill the book with too many side stories, which can cause people to feel confused or overwhelmed. Write with a focus on creating a continuous journey that allows your characters to change and adapt as they reach the conclusion.

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