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Where Am I Headed?

With so much to do and so many places to be, I feel like my feet and brain are on a constant zigzag course. It’s way past time in my life to stomp on the brakes and smell the delicious, God-sent fragrances that surround me. Food and family, safety and health, His peace and salvation top my list. Today is His gift to me, one I must enjoy and use for His glory. How about you?



The snow soon will be piling up outside my favorite window, the one from which I often see red foxes skirting along the trail. I anticipate watching a red fox, this winter as before, its nose to the ground, zigzagging across the snowy field in a hurry. It will pounce with the speed of a high jumper, straight into the air and down again, burying its nose in the snow. After a quick meal, in seconds it will continue on its zigzaggedly way to hunt another mouse. While watching previous foxes on their zigzag course, I would have thought they didn't know where they were going, until I saw their aim.

Sometimes we may not know where we’re going, either. Years ago, in my mother’s search to discover her family's roots, she wrote to dozens of people she'd never met, seeking information. During the pre-internet technology days, she spent months and years writing letters. Some of the responses were hilarious. One reply brought a chuckle. It read, simply, "I'm not so much interested in where I came from as where I'm going."

On days when my to-do list is too long for comfort, I ask myself where I’m going. At such times, I’m reminded that my eternal destination is all-important. My shopping trip may be important, but never should be all-important. Nor should the craft fair where I’m scheduled to vend, nor should my next meal. If I answer the question, "Where am I going?" with such a limited view of my eternal future, I do myself and God a huge injustice. He has a lot in store for me beyond the todays and tomorrows and retirement years. He has promised bountiful blessings for all of us to enjoy in our present life. Even more, He has prepared a glorious home for us after our life here is over.

We need not wonder where we’re going if we choose His kingdom for our final destination. God's plan assures us that "…to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God. …" (John 1:12). His Word further teaches that His children are heirs to His kingdom and, as such, receive an inheritance of eternal life with Him—a life free of pain and suffering and a life filled with unspeakable peace and joy. We can know our destination with certainty.

Lord, thank You for Your faithful, dependable promises. We choose to receive You into our hearts and lives and believe in Your name. As Your children, we rejoice in our inheritance and in the knowledge of where we're going. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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