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Eternal Perspectives: Pursue Love

From the Bible’s first chapter to the last, we’re confronted with the love of God. Our human minds can’t begin to grasp its power. But we can accept it, rejoice in it, and experience its far-reaching effects. Hallelujah!


A Most Worthy Goal

One year during the Lenten season, I received an e-mail from a Christian ministry challenging its readers to spend the entire year pursuing God's love. That's a tall order. How do we go about such a daunting task? The article gave some helpful suggestions. After reading it through, I decided that with God's help I would commit to spending that year seeking God's love daily so it could be released in my life to everyone I met.

The habit has continued, as each year since I have recommitted to the worthy goal. It has become a constant source of inspiration, encouragement, and accountability. It has revitalized my prayer life. And it has given me limitless messages to share with my readers about God’s love.

To accomplish my goal, I promised to meditate on God’s Word daily, concentrating on verses about His love. Helpful Scripture passages included First Corinthians 13, John 3:16, the book of First John, and Psalm 103—all of which I have since memorized.

I encourage you to join me! Our unseen mentor, the Holy Spirit, will teach and inspire you, too, how to love in creative ways. He will help us to be the most loving people on earth! The personal benefits are limitless, including spiritual transformation, power, and strength. We will experience inner peace and joy, humility, freedom from fear and pride, and a sympathetic heart in dealing with others. Even those whom we dislike we will learn to love.

Once we begin making the daily pursuit of God's love our greatest aim, the results will reach into our churches and fellowships to bring healing from strife and division. From there His love will invade the lives of the skeptics and doubters, the unlovely and unlovable, the sick and the poor. God's pure, unconditional love expressed through us can change the world.

Be aware, however, that our pursuit of love will be tested. We may find ourselves feeling the same old emotions we've wrongly carried around, such as bitterness or unforgiveness, judgment or criticism, unkindness or impatience. But through persistent prayer and God's help, love will prevail.

"Pursue love," the apostle Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 14:1. After all, it is the greatest power in the world. It is what every soul longs for, what we’re all urged to pursue.

Lord, during this season as we celebrate Your sacrificial love for us, we commit to pursuing love. Bless us with Your love and transform us by its power so it may be released to every person we meet. Help us keep our daily commitment strong and unwavering. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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