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Eternal Perspectives: Changing the Atmosphere


We all face adverse, emotional weather at times. How blessed to be able to count on a loving God who wants us to be emotionally stable regardless of our circumstances and of the sudden changes we may face.

Eternal Perspectives by Sally Bair

Changing the atmosphere

The barometric pressure affects me physically. When the barometer drops suddenly, my body becomes nervous and feels like climbing inside out of itself. It refuses to stay still. We can’t depend on the weather, at least here in the North Country. One minute the sun is shining and family members wait on the patio for Dad to finish grilling. The next minute a dark cloud threatens sudden rain.

Weather changes can affect us more than physically. They can change our mood and emotional well-being faster than we can say, “Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.” A sudden downpour can dampen our spirits more than our skin. But most of us eventually adapt, learning to accept weather changes, keeping Plan B in mind. If we don’t accept the changes, we suffer misery and, like the weather, our emotions become unpredictable. Like a yo-yo, they can bounce up and down, from cold to hot or stormy to calm. Unfortunately, such emotional changes can affect all those around us.

Regardless of weather conditions and the circumstances of our lives, we can ask God to help us change the atmosphere of our emotions. We can choose to accept the sudden rain of events with joy, knowing our attitude will help us mature, like plants when watered.

Joyful acceptance of harsh weather, or change of any kind, can bring emotional and spiritual growth. And besides accepting sudden change, we can take action. We don’t have to flee for cover. Instead, we can soothe our anger and angst with prayer and God’s Word. We can offer a kind word rather than an offensive one. We can step toward fulfilling a God-given dream rather than listen to someone express doubt about it. We can stand strong in the face of evil rather than run away in terror.

However, if we avoid necessary action against a sudden health or job change, or loss of any kind, we face the threat of deflating like a balloon with a slow leak.

When Jesus healed people, He often told them to act, to change the atmosphere. He told the lame man, “Arise, take up your bed, and go to your house,” (Matthew 9:5) rather than remain in his hopeless state. He told the man with the withered hand to stretch it out even as it hung useless. He would have us act, also.

Lord, thank You for showing us how to change the atmosphere of our emotions from fear and insecurity to faith and hope. May we do so through the power and strength of Your Spirit. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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