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About Christian Author Sally Bair

Sally Bair is a Christian author who has written some of the best Christian books today. As a child, her favorite class was English, and she enjoyed writing so much that she wrote her very first book at the young age of 14. Sally was an avid reader since the age of five and decided that her book Wild Hero would be just as good or even better than any adventure story she’d ever read. In fact, Sally Bair had read hundreds of books before she wrote her own.

Since that fateful day, Sally worked in many roles including ad copywriter, columnist, and journalist. As time went on, she decided to write on her own, weaving her life and words with her Christian faith. This faith is what has helped her to write some of the best Christian books of modern times. Most of her projects are inspired by God’s creation, showing readers that even the smallest things in nature show us God’s presence in the world.

Of course, this dynamic Christian author also enjoys teaching writing to others. Her favorite genre is memoirs, and she’s also a popular speaker who gives faith-based lessons for living to people all over the country. Currently, Sally is working on her second memoir, which is her 10th book. She also writes “Eternal Perspectives,” a devotional column that is featured in Sally’s blog every week. Sally Bair also has stories in two of the popular Chicken Soup for Soul editions. She’s won many awards for writing and has been featured in a wide variety of publications.

Sally Bair lives on the south shore of Lake Superior and has three children, nine grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Visit the web store today to find your next book by this incredible Christian author.

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