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Sally Bair

My favorite class in school was English. Weaving words together prompted me to write a book at age14. An avid reader since age 5, I decided my book, Wild Hero, would be as good as or better than any adventure story I had ever read, and I had read hundreds. My English teacher wasn’t happy when my friend gave an oral report on Wild Hero, but he did write such a positive comment on my report card that I decided to become a writer.


I have been a journalist, ad copywriter, and columnist. Over time, my goal has been to meld my woven words with my faith in Christ, my Lord and Savior. Many of my writing projects have been taken from God’s creation, showing the reader His innumerable attributes through such simple things as a snowflake, a wind-pushed wave, or a garden’s angleworm.


I also love to teach writing, especially memoirs. I am a popular speaker of faith-based lessons for living and of all things written.

Some of my published works include:


“Eternal Perspectives,” a weekly newspaper and online devotional column since 2003, published weekly on my blog

Stories in two Chicken Soup for the Soul editions


“My Girl Jennie,” anthology memoir, A Wisconsin Harvest Volume II, 2013


“Mama’s Prayer Line,” Guide magazine, a Sunday school paper


Various publications as well as awards for writing

I enjoy living on Lake Superior’s south shore. I have 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and 5 greats.

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